2 Bedroom House Plans under 1500 sq. ft. – How to Decorate Attic Bedrooms

2 Bedroom House Plans under 1500 sq. ft. – How to Decorate Attic Bedrooms

When you only have 2 bedroom house plans under 1500 sq. ft. then you might need to work a little bit so space would not look cramped. Creating a bedroom in the attic could be an idea to be considered. Here, we have the tips and tricks to decorate the attic for a bedroom instead just for a place to store unused items in the house.

Assess the space

Measuring anything is really important especially if you only have very limited space in the room. Also, some attics are smaller than another and it is really important to take advantage of every inch in the room. Small nooks, narrow passages, and low eaves could help you to occupy every inch wisely.

Embrace the decoration

Living in the attic does not mean that you cannot be creative with the decoration. Even in the 2 bedroom 2 bath house plans, you need to be very creative. You can also make the attic bedroom become a romantic or at least a super-cozy space to stay. You can use the white panels on the wall to bring in the cottage atmosphere.

A built-in bed

Of course, you can learn about how to draw your own house plans from the free tutorials on the internet. But when it comes to the narrow space in the house like the attic while you want to turn it into a cozy bedroom, the presence of a built-in bed would be a lot of help. Space would be much more functional if you can add storage under the bed and slime bedside shelves. If the bedroom is designed for grownups or bigger kids, you may put the bed under the highest ceiling instead or below the eaves. But this plan would not work if you only have one story house plans with two master suites.

Semi built-in furniture pieces

Under the eaves would be the best spot to arrange the table in the bedroom. Other than that, this thing has a big potential to be a DIY project if you have a basic carpentry skill. In order to save some space while keeping the functionality, the desk and wall shelf would be better in the built-in mode.


Bright colors will help to spread the light much better. Using white as the dominant in the attic bedroom will make the room appears brighter and bigger. Besides, you can be creative with the patterns and textures later. And this is all you need to know about an attic bedroom in the -bedroom house plans under 1500 sq. ft.