Living Room in 2 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Living Room in 2 Bedroom House Plans Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are always desired and this would be a nice addition to the 2 bedroom house plans open floor plan. Since it adopts the concept of no wall, you will face various challenges related to the decoration. In this article, we are going to talk about the way to define zones, link several areas, put some styles, and create the flow in the open space.

Create a perfect union

In order to make the open floor plans run smoothly, you will need to make each area in the home carries a style element into another room next to it. For example, the living room could duplicate the color from your kitchen if those areas are located next to each other. The colors do not have to be the same because even the softer hue could work really well.

How to work with an open floor plan

2 bedroom tiny house plans would make a good look by applying the open floor plans. But, how do we work with the plans? Basically, floor plans with open concept offer so many advantages to the homeowners.

However, it also requires you to face several obstacles. In order to make space works as you planned, you may need to consider several things such as the paint colors, lighting fixtures, furniture management, and so on. Becoming wise on choosing those things above will help you to get the best result instead of just asking how much does it cost to have house plans drawn up.

Connect the floor plans with color

Painting the rooms could make you a bit overwhelmed about where to start and where to stop. The simplest yet wisest solution is applying all the walls and details with the same color. It will definitely not disrupt the flow of visual aspects in the open floor plans. For a further upgrade, you may apply accents with a similar hue between sitting area, eating area, and the kitchen as well. If you are working on small or tiny space, you may consider bright colors.

Arranging furniture

Other than worrying about how to find original floor plans of my house, you may need to consider the furniture arrangement in your house. The right arrangement will allow you to have a natural traffic flow from one room to another. Other than that, you will be able to define the living space with other rooms by placing a console table or a couch. And this is the end of designing living room in the 2 bedroom house plans open floor plan.

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