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We at the Inland Empire Children's Medical Group appreciate your trust in our physicians during your child's times of illness. We also love spending time answering your questions about normal growth, development and childhood diseases. For additional information regarding the care of your child's illness you can find useful information as you further navigate through this page. Please realize that the handouts provided here are from the American Academy of Pediatrics and should you have any further questions about the care of your child we encourage you to call for an appointment at (951) 682-9780.


Immunization Schedule for Adolescents (7-18 years) - English | Inglés solamente

Immunization Schedule for Children (0-6 years) - English | Inglés solamente

Medication Dosage - English | Inglés solamente

Well Visit Schedule - English | Inglés solamente

Resources on the Web

American Academy of Pediatrics -

American Heart Association - (children's health)

Autism -

Breastfeeding -

Center of Disease Control -

Childhood Obesity -

MyPyramid -


Parent Education Articles (Adobe Acrobat PDFs)

Acne—How to Treat and Control It - English | Español

ADHD and Your School-aged Child - English | Español

Asthma and Your Child - English | Español

Breastfeeding Your Baby: Getting Started - English | Español

Bronchiolitis and Your Young Child - English | Español

Circumcision: Information for Parents - English | Español

Care of the Uncircumcised Penis - English | Español

Constipation and Your Child - English | Español

Diaper Rash - English | Español

Diarrhea and Dehydration - English | Español

Febrile Seizures - English | Español

Fever and Your Child - English Only | Inglés solamente

Jaundice and Your Newborn - English | Español