Having a baby is one of the most rewarding experiences in your life.  You have the privilege and responsibly of bringing a new life in this world; and providing an environment in which you and your baby will thrive and develop.  Choosing which physician will care for your child is an important decision.  At Children’s Medical Group, we share your joy and enthusiasm and look forward to years of providing support to you and your new family.  Our staff is committed in helping you care for your child, and keeping your baby happy and healthy!

Prenatal Visits

We encourage new and expecting parents to schedule a complementary prenatal visit.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to become acquainted with us, find out where we are located, and ask questions regarding the birth and care of your new baby.  At this visit, we will also discuss some care issues which you will need to consider before the baby is born, such as breastfeeding and circumcision for boys.  This procedure can be done in our office under local anesthetic to eliminate pain.
Please contact us to schedule your prenatal visit. Download a Prenatal Visit Form (English | Inglés solamente).

Upon Arrival

When your baby is born, simply tell your obstetrician or the hospital staff that you wish for Children’s Medical Group to be your pediatrician.  Our office then will be notified by hospital staff.  One of our physicians will see your baby soon after birth on a daily basis until both mother and baby are safely discharged home.  They will answer your questions, as well as discuss how the baby is doing.  Arrangements will then be made for the baby’s first office visit when your are discharged.  This visit will usually be in 2-3 days to check on the baby’s weight and possible jaundice.

We strongly recommend that you breastfeed your new baby.  We also encourage you to place the baby skin to skin as often as possible in the neonatal period.  You should request to have baby in the room with you as much as possible.  The nursery should only be used for necessary procedures such as the hearing screen.

Affiliated Hospitals

Parkview Hospital
Community Hospital